Wer zuletzt lacht
Video Ready Made

Wer zuletzt lacht
Installation View at Galerie 21 in Hamburg


2018,  Painting 200 x 220 cm, Linseed oil on cardboard & Video Ready Made

“T The work Wer zuletzt lacht is a painting on cardboard (destinated to be thrown away, after being used for the moving from the old studio to the new one) and linseed oil used without pigments combined with a video ready made. The image derives from an old photograph from around 1930 and shows one of the first and few women participating on the Rodeo World Championships. Until now the femininity in Rodeo is mostly absent, even though the sport has nothing to do with strength but more with technic.

The video is showing a recent rodeo championship. The horses instead are jumping that strong, because a strong belt strangulates their testicles up to a hurt they want to avoid. The work was produced and shown in the occasion of Hauser‘s Solo Show „Wer zuletzt lacht“ in the Galerie 21 in Hamburg.


2018, Oil on found wooden panel  (South France)