Sandra Hauser is an interdisciplinary artist with a process-oriented approach. Hauser continuously crosses borders of different media and disciplines, ranging from small drawings to sculpture, painting, film to encompassing performances and immersive media installations. Her artistic practice could be considered an evocative and radical exploration of the borders between political reality, fiction and her personal phantasies in order to explore new narratives. As a result, her work could be described ‘subjective realism’ and her interconnected artworks aims to build new real worlds in which her private life, her art symbiotically mixes with the life of other animals or human beings. 

Hauser’s practice is marked by a sensibility for the human existence and its testimonies. Enforced by her personal intimate life and displaced past, her work involves a constant analysis of people’s memories and stories, their presence and occurrence in daily life. As a result, found objects and belongings, personal emotions, affective surroundings and the ‘space’ of the human psyche could be considered as Hauser’s main domains of interest. Her artistic vocation is to deconstruct and reconstruct human emotions and the dramas that come along with them. The topics and questions that arise throughout Hauser’s work are often ambivalent, but always contain the potential of endowing the viewer with a sense of beauty and poetry.

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