2009 Performance-Installation, Portrait of the city Munich,

Duration: 3 Months, 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, size 15 sq. m.

Der Tschenerali (Joachim Vollrath), Munich’ oldest regulars’ table, puppet with motor, actor, chairs, Bavarian coat and hat, beer glas, ashtray, cigarettes „Ernte 23

The performance-installation „The Tschenerali“ consists of a living image. There are three parts: the Tschenerali. He is the archetype of the Bavarian regular guest a bar. He visits his regular’s table at set times. He drinks wheat beer, he smokes and stares. The actor Joachim Vollrath, who was born and raised in Munich and still lives there, plays the part of the Tschenerali. The regulars’ table. It is the first table that was put into the Hofbräuhaus’ room „die Schwemme“ in 1890. As it is tradition in the Hofbräuhaus, guests have carved messages, names and texts into it, from when it was first set up until today. These carvings are witnesses of time.

The princess. It is a small doll in a baroque dress which endlessly, magically spins around herself. It embodies the never changing, pretty girl and all her dreams and possibilities and, at the same time, her endlessness through repetition and standstill.