„The Man in the High Castle - The End“, Exhibition View

Show „HERE TODAY, MARS TOMORROW“, curated b Giovanni Cervi, Ducal Palace, Genoa (Italy)


2012, Installation site specific

Technique: Mixed media (all objects around 1948): cabinet, bell jar, dried marguerites, book "The Man in the High Castle - The End", medals of honour, family photo album, japanese puppet, banknotes I Digital photography, Giclée Print mounted on Dibond

Size: Photography 160 x 100, Room around 15 qm

(Courtesy Tatjana Zivanovic-Wegele + Peter Wegele)   

The installation "The Man in the High Castle - The End" is a docu-fictional work inspired by the novel "The Man in the High Castle" of Phillip K. Dick.

The photography is the portrait of the figure Hawthorne Abendsen, who wrote a novel in the novel of Dick.

In the cabinet you can find his book, which he wrote in the novel of Dick, a bell jar filled with dried marguerites, medals of honour of the second world war, small arms of biscuit-porcelain puppets, an album of photos of my family and two segrets hidden in the cabinet.

The work reflects about the feeling of history, the fact that we all live in different realities and nobody can ever know which one is the real one.