Devi morire prima di morire

(You have to die before you can die)

Two-part self-portrait, Installation, 2012
Digital photgraphy, Giclée Print on Hahnemuehle on Dibond,wooden frame

Video Full HD, 06:25 min, projection
Size: photgraphy 101 x 125 cm, projection variable

The work "DEVI MORIRE PRIMA DI MORIRE" ("You have to die before you can die") - a two-part self-portrait - is inspired by Caravaggio's
"David with the Head of Goliath". A picture and a video show the artist circling around herself endlessly, trying to desperately handle the two conflicting egos beating in her breast. Maybe one of the two should die before she is able to die ...

The installation plays with illusion and disillusionment. A photography at the frist glance seems to be a baroque oil-picture and a video, that seems to show whose development. A glossy show in the glossy show.


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„Devi morire prima di morire„ (You have to die before you can die), Stills video