C-A-R-P-E-N-E-D-O - A shady mind in a hypothetical body

Docu-Fiction-Film I 2016

Technique: One Channel Videoinstallation

Full HD I 01:37 h

Size: Projection 4,50 x 2,53 m I Room 12 x 5 m

The film is a psychologic realtime travel with the artist into an old military fort called Carpenedo. The docu-fiction, shot with a hand-camera, shows the subjective experience of her passing through the 900 m long corridor, entering one by one the rooms, searching, digging, finding and playing. The fort is thought like a body and its rooms are like the hidden places in our human psyche. The presence of the artist is reinforced with sound recordings of her breath and steps. Touching, searching and collecting objects only with her left hand and a torch light in her right hand, the film gets a video-game esthetic without using any special effects.

As the military fort Forte Carpenedo is under restoration but not yet finished, there are a lot of rooms full of objects, furniture and other stuff of the past. During the exhibition the not yet restored rooms remained closed for the public.

Hauser graves deep in the places of her journey, entering the rooms of repression and shows during the exhibition the hidden soul of the exhibition place itself.

"(…) The video-installation from Sandra Hauser is a journey shot with a hand camera during days in the military fort Carpenedo and into herself, in an infinite cycle of exchange between the meat and the walls and what they are holding. The research of Sandra inside of Hauser and backwards - a dramatic research of what she was in the past and what she became today, to have a future. Sandra Hauser reminds us always that we are human beings, with our complexities and weaknesses, with our dramas and our triumphs and, overall with our responsibility to ourselves and to everything which surrounds us." 

Text Giovanni Cervi, Curator

Location FORTE CARPENEDO I Mestre Venice (Italy)

The video was shown during the exhibition "Espansioni | Contrazioni"


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