Technique: 2009, Video, HDV, 14‘40‘,

Size: Blackbox, min. 18 qm

The work shows the holy Paul in his last night before his execution through the Romans. He is alone in an undefined black room and speaks with God while looking directly into the camera. He confesses to God that during his time as holy servant his love to Jesus grew into something more than strong belief - into a deeply human love. The work is a psychological monologue which shows a person reflecting and fighting an inner battle between his moralistic view on life and his inescapable emotional situation.

Sample of monologue:

„ (...) On the day your son Jesus appeared to me – how heavenly his voice spoke to me, how softly and clearly it directly entered me and pressed itself against the walls of my heart like the leaves of a white lily. My soul, bewitched by its lovely scent, flew towards you, my lord, in the days of my blindness and I felt the warmth, the unity, the divine love that overcame us when we were reaching the remotest rooms of our hearts.

How we bedded ourselves on blossoms. Our souls began to pray. (...)“


„...Oder man steigt richtig ein, so wie Sandra Hauser in ihrem aufwendigen Videofilm, in dem sie einen Schauspieler mit selbst zusammengestellten Zitaten aus Paulusbriefen rezitieren lässt. Eine zwischen Hingabe und Verzweiflung, Angst und Erfülltheit schwankende Fiktion des Paulus im Gefängnis am Vorabend seiner Hinrichtung. Ungeheuer intensiv durch die angedeutete Selbstverstümmelung, bei der sie den Schauspieler während der Rede sein weißes Priestergewand aufschlitzen lässt!...“


                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Christoph Wiedemann, Sueddeutsche Zeitung

The work was produced for the show Der große P(aulus) at the
Catholic Museum, Kardinal-Wendel-Haus, Munich


Paulus: Joachim Vollrath

Costume: Mimmi Hauser, Sandra Hauser

Script, Direction, Camera, Cut, Production: Sandra Hauser

Special thanks to Joachim Vollrath, Mimmi Hauser and the BELACQUA Theatre !