The children of Madame Magritte

2012, Installation site specific

Technique: Mixed Media, biscuit porcelain puppets, strings, flashlight

Size: Two rooms each around 25 qm

The work was installed in the cistern of old barracks on Monte Rite in the Dolomite Mountains during the exhibition “La Ultima Vista .” The dolls are broken, dysfunctional, and dirty.

They are small children’s dolls with individual facial expressions and characters. The installation expanded over two adjunct stories. On the upper room the children’s heads are hidden from the observer behind a wooden board and are only visible through a hole in theboard that measures circa 10 cm in diameter. In the floor there is an opening of 40 x 40 cm to the room underneath. This opening is barred like a prison window, and through it a flashlightilluminates the lower room. The partially broken bodies of the dolls hang from the bars on threads. Down on the ground lay the arms and legs of the children, recognizable only asmountain of indistinct pieces.

The lower room is the old cistern where it is damp and dirty like in a dungeon. Upon closer examination one recognizes the mountain of pieces as severed arms and legs of



Messner Mountain Museum