Technique: Installation Mixed Media, 2016

Dress from the year 1834, 5 black and white photographies10x13 cm, objects, Size two rooms on two floors, around 25qm each

The installation „Truemmerfrauen - Even Wild Dogs Dance“ was made during the residency „BoCsArt“ (curated by Alberto Dambruoso, Cultural Association "I Martedi Critici“ in collaboration with the municipality and the province of Cosenza) in the Italian city Cosenza. It has two main parts: In the ground floor a video which starts with the image of three wild dogs playing easily in unrecognizable hard dirt. After a bit the video frame opens up and slowly one can identify that they are playing in a ruin of a broken down historic palace. In the upper floor a ballroom dress from the year 1834, installed, hanging on thin yarns, flying ghostly, lightened from below. Beside the dress a small Polaroid of the historical palace hangs on the wall. On the stair, which leads to the dress, there are installed little objects, photography’s of someone wearing the dress, a abandoned dog staring at the public, a stone sculpture of a strange animal, the hair of the princess and the little sleeves of the dress. A image about appearance and the inner state of the reality we see. A work about nostalgia and it‘s aftermath. About dreams and their fortune when they are not looked after enough.

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